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christ is alive Christ Is Alive (Christus Vivit)

Pope Francis’s new Post-Synodal Apostolic Exhortation Christus Vivit addresses young people and all the People of God, both pastors and the faithful, and urges all to seek the youthful newness of life in Christ!

Price: $11.95
christ is alive spanish Vive Cristo (Christus Vivit)

La nueva exhortación apostólica postsinodal del papa Francisco, Christus Vivit, llama a “todos los jóvenes cristianos” y al Pueblo de Dios, incluidos pastores y fieles, y los insta a la novedad juvenil de la vida en Cristo.

Price: $11.95
love and mary Love & Mary Bundle

The Joy of Love: Amoris Laetitia, Book of Mary, and Pope Francis Wisdom on Love: Practical Advice for Families for one low price!

Price: $24.95
Estatuto para la protección de niños y jóvenes (Revisado junio de 2018) Estatuto para la protección de niños y jóvenes (Revisado junio de 2018)

El Estatuto para la protección de niños y jóvenes es un conjunto integral de procedimientos establecidos originalmente por USCCB en junio de 2002 para tratar las alegaciones de abuso sexual de menores por parte de miembros del clero católico.

Price: $1.80
The Order of Blessing of the Oil, 7-624 The Order of Blessing the Oil of Catechumens and of the Sick and of Consecrating the Chrism

The Order of Blessing of Oils has an updated English translation that the Holy See approved with its confirmatio in 2017. Beginning on Ash Wednesday, March 6, 2019, this text becomes the required English translation for use in the United States.

Price: $29.95
Discover the Wisdom of Pope Francis Bundle Discover the Wisdom of Pope Francis Bundle

Take home the wisdom of Pope Francis with this newest bundle! Save 20% when you add this item to your cart!

Price: $51.80
strength of a vocation The Strength of a Vocation: Consecrated Life Today

In this interview with Pope Francis, Spanish Claretian Fernando Prado draws out the pope’s thoughts and reflections on the call to live out consecrated life today with an ever-new vitality.

Price: $12.95
The Strength of a Vocation (Spanish) La Fuerza de la Vocación: La Vida Consagrada Hoy (The Strength of a Vocation)

En esta entrevista con el papa Francisco, el claretiano español Fernando Prado recoge los pensamientos y reflexiones del Papa sobre el llamado a vivir hoy una vida consagrada llena de una vitalidad continuamente renovada.

Price: $12.95
A Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation A Prayer for Healing and Reconciliation

This is a prayer of healing and reconciliation for victims of abuse.

Price: $2.50
los santos Los Santos del Misal Romano

Los santos del Misal Romano offers a brief description of the Christian saints celebrated on the liturgical calendar, supplemented with excerpts from the Catechism of the Catholic Church relevant to the saint’s life.

Price: $14.95
Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love Open Wide Our Hearts: The Enduring Call to Love

This pastoral letter against racism the US Catholic bishops call on fellow clergy and all Catholics to help change racist attitudes and acts to conform to the moral order established by God, in which men and women of all races are honored as brothers and sisters.

Price: $6.95
Pope Francis Migrants and Refugees: Witnesses to Hope Pope Francis Migrants and Refugees: Witnesses to Hope

In Migrants and Refugees: Witnesses to Hope, Pope Francis looks at the pressing witness needed in response to the growing occurrence of human migration.

Price: $10.95
book of mary Book of Mary

This beautiful collection of Marian prayers is great for anyone with a Marian devotion and will make a great addition to any Catholic’s devotional prayer library.

Price: $8.95
Ethical and Religious Directives 6th edition Spanish Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services, 6th Edition - Spanish

Las Directivas se proponen reafirmar los estándares éticos de conducta y proporcionar una guía autorizada sobre cuestiones morales que enfrenta el cuidado de salud hoy en día.

Price: $4.95
encountering christ in harmony Encountering Christ in Harmony: A Pastoral Response to Our Asian and Pacific Island Brothers and Sisters (2018)

This pastoral response will guide the Catholic Church in the United States in addressing the pastoral needs of Asian and Pacific Island communities and provide a framework for dioceses and parishes to create pastoral plans specific to their circumstances.

Price: $10.95