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Span: Natural Family Planning Span:La Vida Importa: La Pena de Muerte - 2011-12 Span:La Vida Importa: Personas con Discapacidad - 2011-12
The death penalty no longer serves a useful purpose in protecting society, and it ends the offender's opportunity for conversion, halting the action of the Holy Spirit on his soul for eternity. Span:La Vida Importa: Personas con Discapacidad - 2011-12, Life Matters: Person with Disabilities / Spanish
Span:La Vida Importa: Investigacion con Embrios - 2011-12 Span:La Vida Importa: Tecnologias Reproductivas - 2011-12 Span:La Vida Importa: Amor y Matrimonio - 2011-12
Destructive experimentation on human embryos violates the God-given right to life of very young human beings. Children are the supreme gift of marriage. They have a right to be conceived through their parents' act of love, not by a laboratory process that subjects them to quality control. The desire to love and be loved "happily ever after" by one special person is woven into our human nature. Marriage is that safe place where couples and their children can flourish.
Span:Life Matters: Religious Liberty and the American Soul Span:Life Matters: Conscience Protection in Healthcare Span:Life Matters: Doctor-Assisted Death
Span:Life Matters: Religious Liberty and the American Soul Former HHS Asst. Secretary Joxel García, MD, with Terry M. Rauch II, describes the decades-long assault on the conscience rights of healthcare providers. Professor William L. Toffler, MD explains how Oregon’s assisted suicide law has harmed patients, degraded the quality of care and compromised the integrity of the medical profession. Spanish Item #C1253 (Limited supply available).
Span:Life Matters: Marriage, the Sanctuary of Life Span:Life Matters: Call to Greatness Span:Life Matters: Pornography and Our Call to Love
Professor Helen Alvaré, Esq. contrasts the Catholic vision of marriage, where children are welcomed and spouses grow in selfless love, with the view prevailing today, that marriage exists for one’s personal happiness alone. Span:Life Matters: Call to Greatness Daniel Spadaro, LPC, CSAT explains the harmful impact of pornography use on mental health, behavior and relationships.  Limited supply available.