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Poverty USA Tour: America's Forgotten State Strangers no Longer DVD, M5-771 You Could Make a Difference DVD
You Could Make a Difference (DVD)
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This provocative, 3 1/2-minute, multimedia presentation explores the difficulties encountered in trying to provide for a family's well being when living below the poverty line. Includes video versions of "Among the People," "Winds of Change" and "Community in Action." Strangers no Longer DVD This bilingual resource aids groups interested in vocations to the priesthood and religious life.
Made for Life (DVD, Resource Booklet, Viewer's Guide) Made for Each Other (DVD Package) made for freedom
Made for Life: A Catechetical and Educational Aid on the Gift of Children and the Indispensable Place of Fathers and Mothers in Marriage and Society is the second installment of materials in the Marriage: Unique for a Reason Initiative, and builds on the first DVD package entitled Made For Each Other. A catechetical and educational aid on sexual difference and complementarity. This video and accompanying study guide focus on the intersection of marriage and religious freedom in America.
made for the common good Walking God's Paths (DVD) Guide to Changes in the Mass (DVD)
This DVD and accompanying study guide explores the importance of marriage to the common good of society. In this video, scholars from both the Catholic and Jewish traditions openly discuss the roots of animosity between the faiths-and how the two can relate in positive ways. Content in a video format that discusses the changes in the Mass from the Roman Missal, Third Edition.

User-friendly, the series is great for parish councils, worship commissions, Sunday Mass audiences, RCIA, youth, and anyone who wants to learn more about the Mass.
I Believe! Living the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults (DVD) El Matrimonio (Marriage: Love and Life, Leaders Guide) Interrupted Lives
This ministry resource introduces and shapes the study of the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults (USCCA). Each section of the DVD corresponds to a part in the USCCA. Bishops, clergy, and parish members familiar with the USCCA offer their personal, first-hand perspective on the text. Approx. 100 mins. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops' Subcommittee for the Promotion and Defense of Marriage latest resource of the Marriage: Unique for a Reason initiative is a catechetical film in Spanish (with option subtitles in English) entitled El Matrimonio: Hecho para el amor y la vida (Marriage: Made for Love and Life). Interrupted Lives explores the experiences of sisters through interviews with the now-elderly survivors of the Soviet domination of Eastern and Central Europe.
In the Footsteps of Jesus Voices of Vatican II - DVD Deacons / Wives of Deacons
Ideal for individual or group use, suited for youth through adult education, In the Footsteps of Jesus offers insight and inspiration for all as they strive to answer the call of Jesus. In Voices of Vatican II, twelve men who took part in the Second Vatican Council (1962-65) look back at that historic event, half a century after the fact. It features abundant archival footage of the council, much of it rarely seen, and exclusive interviews with those who recount the history they witnessed and helped to make.
Deacons: Ministers of Justice and Charity, the first segment of this DVD, explores some of the great achievements of deacons and the contributions and services that they provide to the Church. Wives of Deacons: Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Lives, the second segment of this DVD, takes a look at some of their interesting and inspiring stories.
Come to the Water
Come to the Water: The Adult Journey to Baptism follows catechumens and candidates in the year-round RCIA process of adult education and initiation into the Catholic community. It culminates with their baptism at the Easter Vigil.