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SPAN:When I Call for Help Resource Card From Words to Deeds Authentic Jesus: Christian Truth Versus Modern Fiction, The
Cuando pido ayuda (pkg of 100)
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Esta tarjeta, del tamaño de la palma de la mano, presenta once indicadores de abuso, y contiene información de contactos para el Teléfono Gratuito Nacional contra la Violencia Doméstica. Distribuya copias de esta tarjeta durante programas de preparación matrimonial. Proporcione copias a centros de consejería de parroquias y escuelas. Úselas como herramienta educativa con jóvenes y adultos jóvenes. Designed to build on the pastoral reflection Strengthening the Bonds of Peace, this document provides three objectives-to appreciate and incorporate the gifts of women in the Church; to appoint women to church leadership positions; and to promote collaboration between women and men in the Church.
This booklet from the USCCB presents authentic Catholic teaching about Jesus and his divinity, the Bible, Gnostic gospels, women and the Church and other important topics in a convenient question-and-answer format.

On Embryonic Stem Cell Research Marriage: Divorce and the Church's Healing Ministr
On Embryonic Stem Cell Research
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This brochure provides insight about stem cell research based on the teachings of the Catholic Church. Since the beginning of the world, marriage and blessing have been inseparable. The blessing of marriage survived unharmed from our break with you through original sin. Jesus not only restored, but elevated the blessing of marriage to a sacrament. The Church responds to the challenges that each partner faces in a divorce and emphasizes the Church's message that divorced Catholics must know that their right and responsibility to participate in the life of the Church does not cease with the breakup of their marital union.
Military Couples and the Challenge Span:Book of Readings on Marriage, A Span:Life Matters: Pregnancy from Rape
Addresses the effects that serving in the military has on marriage, families, and society.
A Book of Readings on Marriage is a collection of readings selected from resources that were originally published online as part of the 2010 Catechetical Sunday materials.
Span:Life Matters: Pregnancy from Rape, Pregnancy from Rape